18th March 2016

Headteacher’s Newsletter 18.3.16

Kennel Club Press Release
Tink, a seven-year old German Spitz, and Holly Ryan, aged 14 from Ferndown Upper School, have won the Young Kennel Club Agility Dog of the Year competition at Crufts. The competition, which was open to Young Kennel Club (YKC) members between the ages of 6-17 years and their dogs, saw top young agility handlers compete for the coveted title of YKC Agility Dog of the Year. Holly and Tink took first place in the main arena last Thursday. Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary said: “to complete a course in such a professional manner is very inspiring to other young dog handlers. Lucy and Tink should be hugely proud of their achievement; we will no doubt see them performing at Crufts for many years to come.”

Crufts is the world championships of the dog world and justifiably we are extremely proud of Holly’s achievement – to win such a prestigious award two years in a row is an amazing achievement.

FUS Students Help East Dorset District Council
Students (Grace Hill, Tom Burton, Ellen Bartlett and Jess Errington) from Ferndown Upper School recently took part in an exercise to help the Chairman of East Dorset District Council, Cllr Steve Lugg, decide on how to spend £1,000 on a community project. The students, were given the task of coming up with ideas and were invited to come to the council offices in Furzehill to discuss possible suggestions.

After some debate, the students decided to incorporate two ideas into one and it was decided to host a night-time run at Moors Valley, where runners could be sprayed with ‘LifePaint’ to promote the safety aspect of the product. The course would be lit so that the runners who had been painted would glow when hit by the lights.

Recent Praise for Ferndown Upper Students
I have recently received praise from two sources, one was from the tour operators of our Spanish trip and I have attached their letter for your information. The second was from FMS, where our students supported a recent disco. I think it shows how well behaved and mature our students are, so well done to Jordan Fleet, Bella Pretty, Ella Deeley Katie Norman, Zoe Knight and Harvey Elrick.

“Please pass on my thanks to the pupils that gave up their time to support our disco. They were very helpful, smartly dressed, polite, willing to help with anything and used their initiative when not directed. Jordan was an amazing DJ and the pupils responded really well to him”.

Y11 Revision Evening
We held a very successful Revision Evening this Wednesday, run by Ms Bird, and with input from an eclectic group of; Phoebe, (a current Y13), Mr Milsom, (a parent of three previous and current students), our Directors of Communication, maths and Science and with key information provided by Mrs Lloyd-Smith.

All of the advice was very pertinent and insightful and can be summed up as;

a. choose a style that works for you, just reading notes isn’t very effective,
b. make a realistic revision timetable,
c. make use of past papers,
d. little and often works the best and
e. the most important point of all, start, because regular revision embeds knowledge.

If you add ‘teach it’ to the list, that then you really do gain learning, so be willing to offer yourselves up as the pupil and have your children teach you, they will definitely remember it after that and it will also give you an opportunity to praise their efforts.

Year 11 Mocks
Finally a reminder that it is our Y11 mocks next week so make sure that your children get up early so that their brain is ready and also have a good breakfast before they come in. Although the English department will be holding a revision breakfast before their mock, which is a new initiative that the school is trialling.