17th November 2017

No Put Down Week

This week was ‘no put down week’ and it has been a lovely experience, with lots of compliments from the students and positivity from everyone involved. We also carried out a pyramid collective yesterday, with the middle and first schools coming up to visit us, which went extremely well. Another nice initiative was taking thank you postcards around to key organisations in the community, which were very well received. Finally, since your children probably will not say thank you, to you their parents, please allow me to do it instead via this postcard.

WorthLess Campaign Petition the Government

On Tuesday this week, I went to London as the Dorset Headteacher representative to petition the government for fairer school funding. Recently the government has made 1.3 billion available to schools but even with this amount, school budgets will still have shrunk by 5% by 2019.

The bigger issue, however, was to request that the new National Funding Formula is made fairer. The situation as it currently stands is that London schools receive almost twice as much money per pupil as schools in Dorset. Therefore twenty-five counties have formed together (representing 5,000 schools) to ask the government to think again. I would just like to add that Chris Chope (our local MP) has been a big supporter of Dorset schools and Ferndown Upper in particular and would welcome your requests for extra support for schools.

Sixth Form Open Evening

We also held our 6th Form Open Evening on Wednesday and it proved to be a very popular night, with a full hall and 40 external students visiting us, so word must have spread about how well our Y13 did last year.

Children in Need

Our Mufti day today for Children in Need raised over £300, so thank you to everyone who contributed.

Rewards trip to Activate

Thank you to Mr Collins for an enjoyable trip to Activate the other week to reward all of the students who had not received any sanctions and who also had good attendance.

Year 11 Mock Exams

Finally, just a quick reminder that the mocks for Y11 start next week, so the students might be a little more stressed and tired than usual. Remember that school finishes after the students’ last exam of the day, but the Study Centre and café will be open for those students who catch a bus.