15th December 2017

Friday 15th – Diabetes Mufti Day – Wear a Christmas Jumper – 12.10 School Finish

STEM Family Challenge

Thank you to the students and families that turned up to our first ever STEM Family Challenge, supported and delivered by the Engineering Development Trust.

The challenge, to build the rollercoaster that kept going for the longest amount of time, was fiercely competitive and made for an enjoyable and rewarding evening for all. Well done to Christina Holden (and dad) who won the evening. This quote is a sample of the comments made during the evening, “We want to thank you for such a fun and enjoyable evening.  It was wonderful to be involved with our daughter’s education.”

Christmas Celebration at St Mary’s

On Tuesday Ferndown held its annual Christmas celebration at St Mary’s church. It was a lovely event, the church looked amazing and our students had the pleasure of performing to a packed church. I would like to thank St Mary’s for hosting us as well as thank Mrs Clay and all of our students for such an inspiring performance.

GCSE Presentation Evening

We also celebrated the achievements of our best ever Y11 last week. Remember these are the students who gained 70% Grade 4 English and maths, who were 4th in Dorset for results (3rd in Hampshire) and who were the best in Dorset for maths.

It was a lovely evening, and I would like to congratulate every student involved, particularly our award winners shown above.

Year 11 Update

Year 11 were issued with their Gap Books this week.  These enable the students to record in one place the feedback they receive from their Mocks and any subsequent assessments.  These Gap Books can then be used to remind the students of any areas they need to focus on and to help them to form a revision timetable. Year 11 were then also given advice and tips from selected Year 12 and Year 13 students.

The big areas for year 11 to focus on now are:

  • Start now.  Begin to produce the revision materials such as Mind Maps, flashcards, posters, models etc.
  • Don’t procrastinate. Don’t put off revision until tomorrow, once you start it does become easier.
  • Turn off distractions.
  • Stay healthy – eat, sleep and rest.
  • Don’t panic. Those who do other activities tend to have lower stress levels.
  • Ask friends, family and teachers for help, guidance and advice.  Don’t think you are on your own.
  • Think about your preferred learning style and find resources that could help.  Two well used resources were on YouTube, one was Mr Bruff for English and the other Primrose Kitten for Science.

Advice from the Mocks:

  1. If you have an exam arrangement e.g. laptop, reader, extra time and rest breaks and you did not use it, you could have this taken away from you for the final exams if it is not seen as your normal way of working.  Think about why it was not used and talk to your teachers so that you can practice using it.
  2. Grade boundaries for your mocks may well be quite high and may not reflect the actual exams.  This is quite normal as no-one knows what the exact grade boundaries are going to be in June.  Talk to your teachers if you are worried by your grade.
  3. Some exam papers test every grade from 9-1 and so some of the questions in each paper will reflect the abilities of a Grade 7+ student.  If this is not you, then there genuinely may be questions that you do not know how to answer, do not worry about this.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year