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Reasons for studying this subject

Mathematics is important for a variety of reasons.  All through your life you will meet problems and use mathematical skills to solve them.  Virtually all employers expect you to have a qualification in the subject.


What you will be studying

Mathematics in Years 10 and 11 is a continuation of your work in Year 9.


How you will learn

During the course you must show your ability to solve problems and understand mathematical principles, to use mathematics as a means of communication involving the use of clear expression, to develop a feel for numbers and to carry out calculations with an understanding of the significance of the results you obtain.  You must be prepared to think for yourself and be determined if you are to achieve your full potential.


How you will be assessed

There will be tests on a regular basis during year 10, with a year 10 exam in the summer term.  You will then have a mock exam in the autumn term of year 11.  At the end of the course you will sit two exam papers, one where you are allowed a calculator and one where you are not.


General Information

For Mathematics it is assumed that every candidate has the use of a calculator.  It is necessary to purchase one.  These can be obtained through the school or from many other outlets.  Most students will require a Scientific Calculator with Fractions, Powers, Brackets, Trigonometry and Statistics functions.


Contact:            Mrs. C. Alderman – Head of Mathematics Faculty