Examining Board Edexcel

Reasons for studying this subject Art and Design will enrich your personal experience. As it contributes to the material and spiritual well-being of the individual, it will provide you with a sense of identity and stretch your intellectual ability and emotional responses. It will make you more flexible, open minded and creative and provide you with a visual language for communication. It will improve your comprehension of the environment around you and your aesthetic understanding.

What you will be studying

You will be given an opportunity to work in a wide variety of different disciplines for example, pottery, printmaking, graphics, painting and drawing. You will be asked to choose a new material to work in each term. You will be asked to record from direct observation but you will also be given opportunities to develop your own ideas in a personal and original way.

You will be introduced to the work of other artists and designers and be asked to evaluate their work in class discussions or through your own work.

How you will learn

Over the first four terms of the course, you will complete a unit in a specific discipline you have chosen each term in different media.

You will be asked to support your classwork through preparatory and supporting drawings completed in your sketchbook at home. You will be asked to research each project in advance, seeking out information in libraries, art galleries, museums or even outside in your local environment. At the end of each project, your work will be comprehensively reviewed to give you an estimated GCSE grade and targets of how to improve.

How you will be assessed

(a) There is an examination at the end of the course. Candidates are given ten hours to complete a piece of work in a medium of their choice. You will be given eight weeks to prepare for the examination when you will be expected to complete preparatory studies. The final project will represent 40% of your total mark.

(b) After discussing your work with your teacher in the final year you will be asked to choose your best two or three projects completed over the course to submit as coursework. This is worth 60% of the final mark.

General comment

You will be given a sketch book and an A2 size portfolio so that you can take your work home. In school you will be encouraged to experiment with a wide range of materials, attend specific Art Clubs and the art rooms will be open for you to work most nights after school.

You will be offered opportunities to visit art galleries and work with visiting artists during the course.


Contact Mr T. Holbrooke-Jones – Head of Art and Design