What you will be studying?

In technology students will have the opportunity to work for a short period of time in each major material area completing a mini-project or series of practical tasks in each subject. Every student will work in Food, Catering, Resistant Materials, Product Design and Graphics on a rota. Groups rotate from one subject to another as a whole class gaining knowledge and developing skills as they go. Each subject’s tasks or project are designed to be modern, relevant and exciting with a practical bias. All students will have had the opportunity to work in each area before the time they need to choose their options for year 10, so they will be able to choose the technology subject that most suits them if they choose to study a GCSE in the subject.

How you will be assessed?

Students in year 9 will be assessed in a variety of ways, in line with the National Curriculum. All assessed work is collated in a ‘Portfolio of Skills’ where teachers will pick 2 key parts f each project to focus their assessment on. By the end of the year, every student will have 1 or more assessments (using KS3 NC levels) in each of the 5 areas of D+T. A summative average is awarded at the end of the year. Students are encouraged to reflect on their feedback in mind to improve their knowledge, understanding and skill throughout the year. Homework and classwork/practical is also formatively assessed as well.

General Info

The range of current options for GCSE are as follows in the technology faculty:

  • Catering GCSE
  • Resistant Materials GCSE
  • Product Design GCSE

Progression onto level 3 courses are currently being offered in Engineering (as a natural progression from studying Product Design and Resistant Materials) and an offering in Catering from the Food and Catering department.