What you will be studying?

Students will be study both Philosophy and Ethics.

Contents of the course:
  • An introduction to philosophical methods
  • Arguments for and against belief in God’s existence
  • A study of how we make moral decisions and the reasons we give for our choices
  • GCSE module ‘Capital Punishment’
  • GCSE module on poverty
How you will be assessed?
  • End of module tests, self-assessment and peer group assessment, class debate

Students develop a variety of different skills and attitudes throughout the course such as respect for others, open mindedness, self-esteem, critical awareness, reflection, empathy, communication, evaluation, reasoning. These skills and attitudes are vital in all work places.

Students are well prepared for the GCSE in RE (Ethics & Philosophy) and the A level. Students who have studied RE at GCSE and or A level have gone onto successful careers in the Police, Teaching, The armed forces, Psychology, Medicine and many others.