What will I be studying?

The topics covered in year 9 are:
Classical Period
Gamelan Music and Fusion
Protest songs

Each topic will be explored through the three skills of listening, composing and performing. As part of this you will use a range of classroom instruments and also have an introduction to music technology in our dedicated computer suite in the music department.

How will I be assessed?

You will be assessed using a mixture of performances, listening questions and your written homework tasks, all of which will contribute to your overall level in music.

Practical Musicianship

Some students will be selected in conjunction with their middle schools to follow our practical musicianship course in year 9. This course is for musically able students who are already playing an instrument when they arrive at FUS, and focuses on linking these instrumental skills to their classroom learning. Lessons are based around rehearsal of ensemble pieces, as well as listening to a wide range of music to support the musical development of the students. The students will be assessed through a variety of performing opportunities, and participation in concerts etc is expected as part of this.

What Next?

GCSE music is the next step as an option in year 10 and 11. This is essential for studying music at a higher level, including BTEC and A Level courses in music.