What you will be studying?

During year 9 you will be studying 3 broad themes; ‘Hazards and extreme weather’, ’Our changing world’ and ‘Africa is not a country’. The focus of these topics is to explore geographical change on local, national and international scales. During the course you will develop awareness of both human and physical geography. You will also be exposed to a range of geographical skills that will consolidate and support the important work that you do in Maths and English. Geography is very topical and we will use contemporary events to support our learning.

How you will be assessed?

You will be assessed at 3 points during the year. Each assessment will be in the form of a longer style GCSE question. You will be given a National Curriculum level for each assessment and this will be recorded in the front of your geography books. These assessments have been designed to allow development of GCSE examination skills in preparation for key stage 4.


Geography is a fantastically interesting subject and our year 9 curriculum will give you a firm foundation for GSCE geography which is one of the Baccalaureate subjects. The subject may also stimulate an interest in travel and therefore can be useful for progressing onto courses such as A Level or BTEC Travel and Tourism. As a department we feel it is vital to enhance our learning outside of the classroom and we run regular fieldtrips to a number of different environments.