All Year 9 students receive drama lessons in one of our purpose built studios or on the stage. Drama is a great method for building confidence and communication skills, students are encouraged to co-operate in groups and problem solve as a team. Schemes of work look at current issues, historical event and diverse cultures, through scripted and improvised work.

Year 9 students follow a pre GCSE course, so they will also be studying Drama as an art form: Physical and Vocal acting, stage-fighting, costume, mask and technical theatre encouraging students to enhance performances through lighting, sound and SFX. This is a good introduction to GCSE drama and our new performing Arts A level course.

Student’s progress is assessed through observation and interaction every lesson, there are formal assessments at the end of each half term which involve performing to an audience and a piece of reflective writing.

All students are welcome to join extra- curricular Drama events such as our annual whole school production and Christmas cabaret.