Business and Enterprise

What you will learn?
  • The course is new, starting in September 2013.
  • It is designed to help students understand areas relating to Business, including the World of Work and Setting up a Small Business.
  • The lessons are tasters, to get students thinking about what they know and what they want in the future.
  • There are Options for students to extend their work in these areas in Year 10, with Business Studies.
Course objectives
  1. To develop all students’ knowledge of the areas linked to Business Enterprise – including Personal Finances, the World of Work and Setting up and Working in a business.
  2. To allow students to explore their ideas and options in relation to their own future. Developing more informed choices during their education and upon leaving school.
  3. To start students on the process of making more informed choices about their future.

Students can progress to GCSE and A Level Business Studies courses at Ferndown. Many are inspired to take part in business projects, such as Tycoons in School and the CEIL project for Post-16 students.
We want to encourage a spirit of entrepreneurship among our students and a belief that they too could run their own business.