Outstanding GCSE Results

Outstanding Results Again at Ferndown Upper School


70% of students gained a grade 9-4 in English and Maths, making Ferndown Upper School the highest performing school in East Dorset for the second year running.


In fact, Ferndown Upper has seen an increase on all of its headline results – making 2017 Ferndown’s best ever year. Which after the superb results achieved last year, is quite an achievement.


% 9-4 Eng and Maths % Maths 9-4 % English 9-4  




70% 78% 84% +0.1 49.01
+1% +4% +7% +0.2 +0.6

24% of all grades achieved were also A* or A grades (or grades 9-7), and almost half of all grades achieved were A* to B.

Other subject’s highlights are 75% A* and A grades for Textiles, 57% A* or A grades for Ethics and 50% A* or A grades for French. Photography gained 100% A*-C for the second year in a row.

Other headlines are Attainment was up to 49 points, which means that on average students achieved the challenging new grade 5, or its equivalent.

Progress was also improved up to +0.1 which means that Ferndown students achieved 10% better than other students across the country.


Headteacher, Philip Jones commented “It has been wonderful to see so many delighted and happy students, this is definitely their day and they should be delighted with their achievements. As a whole school, to have the highest results in East Dorset for the second year in a row is very pleasing. I would like to take this opportunity to thank both the students and their teachers for all of their hard work and dedication over the previous year.


All of our students performed extremely well but a few of the top performers were; Megan Upton Crossley who achieved 8 A*s and an A, Rosie Hou who gained 10 A* and A grades, Harry Coburn who gained 9 A* and A grades and Ella Proudly, Rebecca Mills, Amy Miller, Phoebe Johnstone, Adam Clarke and Emily Birkett who all gained 8 A* and A grades.”